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Weekly vs. Bi-Weekly Service: Understanding Your Options

1. Weekly Service isn't actually weekly, per se, but closer to 42-43 visits per year. It is only weekly from March-October when our warm season grasses are out of dormancy and growing. We typically transition to 2x services per month in November/December, January is 1x, and February is 2x.

2. We work with all of our customers to understand their goals and the needs of their specific lawn to create the right service for them in the transition months and over the winter. Some lawns have a lot of trees and need a fall or end of winter cleanup. Others are wide open and just need proper mowing in late February or early March to help encourage the return from dormancy. Whether you are a weekly or bi-weekly customer with us, you are not locked into anything and we will always work with you to meet your needs.

3. The best way to keep a healthy lawn that fights weed, disease, and pest pressure is to mow as frequent as possible. Every time your turf is cut, you are stimulating the plant and encouraging positive growth habits. Additionally, the more often we are in your lawn the faster we can identify potential issues and work with you to address.

4. We maintain all of our St. Augustine lawns at 3-4" and Bermuda lawns are cut 0.75-1.5". The more often we cut the lower we can cut because we are taking off less of the plant each time we are there. For Bi-Weekly customers you will see us cut close to the top of the range since your grass will be longer by the next service.

5. With Bi-Weekly service we also spend more time on your property during each service taking care of the detail work and have to factor in double cutting when needed so there is generally an additional cost baked into your price vs. weekly service.

We encourage all customers to consider weekly service as its best for the lawn, easier for us to provide you with a consistent schedule, and gets you the best value for your money. We work hard to provide very competitive pricing, however, we understand each customer has different goals for their lawn and value our ability to work with each customer individually.

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