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Standard Light Installation vs. "Gingerbread"

One of the common questions we receive during Christmas Light season is about the difference between what is considered standard light installation and "Gingerbreading" the house with lights.

Our standard way of measuring and quoting your lights is to follow the front gutter/soffit line of the home. We typically start and end at your fence line for gated homes or will pick a logical point on the sides of your home if you do not have any fencing.

Here is an example of the standard light installation:

The term "Gingerbread" refers to installing lights that include the standard lights, but also adds additional lights that follow the roof lines of the home.

Here is an example of the "Gingerbread" style light installation:

We can always discuss the best option for your home/design and can always price both options for you. Start your free quote today!

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