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Core Aeration vs. Liquid Aeration

Ahhh yes, the age old question in lawn care....should you use a mechanical core aerator OR liquid aeration products to aerate your lawn? Well at least it has become a bigger debate in more recent history with the development and availability of liquid aeration products.

As complicated of an answer as some may like to make this seem, we would argue that the answer is pretty straight forward and really boils down to one key point:

The ultimate goal of aerating a lawn is to reduce soil density which will have a positive impact on reducing compact soils and allowing nutrients, oxygen, and water reach further into the root zone.

Core aeration achieves a reduction in soil density by pulling cores up to 2" in depth. Where as liquid aeration does not actually reduce your soil density. Liquid products ultimately look to provide similar benefits of core aeration over time by reducing soil tension. This reduction in soil tension allows more moisture and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil and be absorbed by the roots.

This is not to say that only core aeration should be used and liquid products are a waste of time/money. A consistent liquid program applied over time can have significant benefits for your lawn, but should not be viewed as a single or fast acting solution.

We recommend that all customers, especially those with St. Augustine grass, core aerate their lawn 1x per year (usually in the spring). This is when core aeration can be the most impactful to the health of your lawn as the grass begins to actively grow, is not under stress, and is timed when we are applying nutrients to your lawn.

Liquid aeration can be used as a supplemental process as part of a turf care program. In fact, programs that use surfactants or products like hydretain to reduce water usage on your lawn, can provide the same effects of liquid aeration products without needing to pay for a specific treatment.

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